Quality pet products.
Reliable supply chain.
Bargainous pricing.
Extensive industry insights.


Since its inception in 2016, Doca Marketing Sdn Bhd has been an established distributor and supplier of pet food products. Lying at the heart of its ethos is a commitment to impart upon our partners a reliable supply chain, bargainous pricing and extensive industry insights.

Reliable supply chain

Ensuring that our retail partners can serve their customers without the fear of supply shortages or delays has always been a fundamental priority for us.

Competitive pricing

By effectively building and maintaining a strong relationship with our manufacturers, we have been able to negotiate competitive pricing and bulk purchasing power on behalf of our retail partners.

Industry experience

From customs regulations to container shipping, we have assisted major brands and outlets across the country to navigate the ever-expanding and dynamic pet food retail landscape in Malaysia.

Our In-house Products

Have a gander at our high-quality cat litter products made from 100% natural bentonite for the comfort of your kittens.

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